Best Anime Sites in【2020】

I believe this is the best anime websites in 2020 so make sure to bookmark this page (I update it every month). The criteria I consider when choosing the best resource include:

  • free content
  • quality of anime videos
  • absence (or at least a minimum of) irritating commercials
  • …and definitely safety.

27 Best Sites to Watch Anime for Free in 2020

Below is the list of best anime websites that I have personally checked and liked:

SiteFree/PaidMobile StreamingHDAds

It is among the best anime websites, free of charge and highly popular among users worldwide. Apart from offering the latest anime, it is user-friendly with ease in navigation; thus, you can indulge in your favorite show stress-free. Being a free site, it allows unlimited viewing of as many favorite anime episodes as you wish without worrying about any payment. However, free content comes at a price of user experience. According to client reviews on the best anime websites, Reddit warns users not to use the site because of a multitude of ads, some of which contain pornographic content (take your kids away from screens!).

  • High-quality graphics. Outstanding image quality that gives the audience a remarkable experience of viewing the shows in high definition. Dubbed and subbed anime in English to serve you brilliantly.
  • Diverse genres. With a wide collection of diverse anime genres, you can select anime according to your preference.
  • Downloadable version. Apart from streaming directly online, you can get the Kissanime app for your phone. It is among the best anime websites for mobile devices.
  • Numerous fake mirror sites
  • Buffering issues
  • Numerous ads (sometimes with pornographic content)
  • Bans of users for no reasonable cause
  • Periodic bans of the site in different countries

9Anime is another exciting website that has English sub-titles. It will not only grab your attention with its stunning purple interface, but it will blow your mind with diverse genres. Also, the tabs are clearly labeled to assist you in selecting your preferences easily. It is one of the best anime websites, English-dubbed that offers an entertaining experience.

  • High resolution.  It has high-quality graphics that give you excellent videos in high definition.
  • Few advertisements. I know the pop-up ads can be so annoying when you are watching. 9anime has very few ads, which is a plus for the users.
  • Fast update. The team is quick in updating ongoing series and new movies to cater to the ever-growing number of anime fans.
  • Free anime streaming. Users can stream any anime movie for free with no registration or subscription fees.
  • Mirror websites. When you search for this site, you will get numerous hits with a similar name. Scammers have developed other mirror sites that may confuse the users.
  • Not downloadable. With this anime site, you can only stream online since there is no option to download any anime movie or series.

Currently offline

Anime Season takes a dignified place among my personal collection of the best anime viewing websites, since it is one of the few websites offering truly free streaming. Even the fans of old-school anime will find much to their liking here as the site has a broad collection of anime starting from the 1990s. Both anime series and films are available, most of them dubbed with English subtitles, which makes it possible to view all content by anyone knowing English.

  • Free viewing. You do not have to pay to use this website; all streaming is completely free.
  • Diversity. It has a wide variety of genres which host many anime series. You are definitely spoilt for choice.
  • A user-friendly interface. The site is easy to navigate by categories, and a keyword search is also available.
  • User reviews about inaccessibility. Lately, there has been a rise of negative reviews from most users claiming the site is inaccessible. Could the site be undergoing maintenance? Or will it be shut down? Time will tell.

The next exciting best anime streaming website is Hulu. It is among the best anime websites for Android devices and iOS. Besides offering some free content, it also gives users pocket-friendly payment plans. Hulu offers quite a limited coverage to date, with accessibility limited to some European countries, the UK, the USA, and several regions in Asia. But its popularity is expanding today, and we may expect it to become globally available sometime soon. Overall, I have a firm belief in this website’s future because it is one of the few legal anime streaming websites, which means safety and quality of service most users of pirate websites lack.

  • Variety. Hulu offers a wide selection of anime shows in HD, full anime seasons, a live TV option with cloud DVR. So, you are guaranteed an amazing anime experience!
  • Low prices. Hulu offers affordable subscription plans ranging from $7.99 to $33.99 per month depending on your streaming preferences.
  • Accessibility. Hulu runs flawlessly on many devices including even Nintendo Switch, so whatever gadget you are using, you are guaranteed an awesome show.
  • Pop-up ads. It has annoying and potentially hazardous advertisements that pop up on your screen. Commercials emerge even in paid plans, and there is no completely ‘ad-free’ option.
  • Limited streaming. The site only allows you to stream one anime show at a time, which is a considerable inconvenience for many users.
  • Limited technology. You cannot download the anime to view it offline; HD and UHD format is available for a limited number of anime products. Many users also complain of lacking Viacom live channels.


Anime enthusiasts have another reason to smile; this resource is among the best websites for anime accessible on the Net. It captures attention with a bright and fascinating interface. Apart from being in the list of the best websites for mobile, it is dubbed to give you a positive anime journey.

  • Free streaming. You do not have to pay to stream your favorite anime. The website’s services are free, so take advantage and experience one of the best free anime websites without paying a dime!
  • Variety. Anime Freak has a wide variety of anime movies and series in different genres. Depending on what you want, there is something for everyone here.
  • Easily downloadable content.
  • Pop-up ads. The annoying commercials may ruin your anime experience, and there is a risk of malware and viruses coming with them. However, free content on the Web always comes with such reservations.
  • Poor website design. I feel that the user interface on their website is somewhat confusing. The tabs are not well labeled, and it is a hassle to find what you need.

Chia-Anime TV

Here is another leader in the anime website ranking; it is a great resource with a rich choice of anime content for the most spoilt viewers. Though it cannot compete with other giants hosting massive libraries of anime choice, the website is still a solid alternative to many other anime websites. Nevertheless, most of top anime movie websites feature pop-up ads, and Chia Anime is not an exception. It has its fair share of advertisements which should not dampen your anime spirit. With the HD resolution and a high speed of show updates, this resource guarantees you an awesome time watching the anime series.

  • Free content. Here you can watch all content without paying a single penny.
  • Positive user experience. The site is not only visually appealing; it has a user-friendly interface which allows easy navigation.
  • Pop-up ads. Nothing is as annoying as advertisements popping up when you are enjoying your favorite anime movie. But if you like to watch anime for free – just put up with this small inconvenience!

Currently offline

Another famous website is It is among the best anime websites that guarantee you fun and entertainment. As much as it is a free streaming site, it is among best websites to watch anime dubbed. It looks great, and what I liked most is the immediate option to select kids and short movie types. This is a great form of customization, especially for anime novices.

  • Free shows. You can enjoy your favorite anime without worrying about any payment subscriptions.
  • Quality graphics. It is not only one of the best safe anime websites; it also has high-quality videos in HD, which ensures that you have a fantastic anime experience.
  • User-friendliness (provision of up-to-date VPN information for uninterrupted use of the website in banned locations, a quick contact form to report broken episodes)
  • Safety of use, especially on mobile devices  

Crunchyroll is another amazing site that is popular in the anime world. As much as its library is not massive, it has a collection of diverse shows to enjoy. Does Crunchyroll have English dub? Yes. It is among the best anime websites dubbed to enhance the users’ experience. If you want maximum entertainment, Crunchyroll is one of the best websites to watch anime movies. Also, this site offers opportunities to stream movies from various devices. For instance, it is uses PS4, Xbox360, mobile phones such as the iPhones and several other devices.

  • Premium plan. If a free version of the website is not enough for you, there is an option for selecting a premium subscription where you have a chance to access extra features from the website.
  • Impressive user-friendliness. The site is bright and appealing, which grabs the attention of anime lovers. Also, it is quite easy to navigate through the pages to find your favorite anime.
  • Pop-up ads. As much as this is among the best websites to watch anime in HD, it is also prone to advertisements that keep popping up when you are watching your favorite anime.
  • Substandard streaming. According to one of the best anime review websites, Crunchyroll streams its anime videos in poor quality. If you compare it to sites like Hulu, the resolution is not up to standard.

Currently offline

Let us roll over to the Funanimation website. As the name suggests, fun is what you are bargaining for in this site; nothing less. You will get an exciting assortment to keep you going. It is one of the best legal anime websites available in the anime market. The site incorporates sub-titles in the videos but insists on a subscription plan if you prefer to watch the dubbed versions. Also, with Funanimation being among the few best anime websites with no ads option, I am sure you will love the anime experience here.

  • Variety. When choosing this site, you will be spoilt for choice since it has an extensive collection of anime movies and series even for the most sophisticated tastes.
  • Ad-free. If you do not want the annoying pop-up ads, there is an ‘ad-free’ option on the website. It is paid, but you get a unique opportunity to enjoy your favorite anime without any interference.
  • Streaming apps. It has several streaming apps that you can use depending on your preferred platform. For instance, on iOS, it is among the best anime websites for iPhone users.
  • Slow updates. The site is on a transition that focuses on dub-videos; this affects the rate of uploading new or ongoing episodes in its library.

Most people relate Netflix mostly to online movie streaming. Did you know that it also has an array of exciting anime? It is a popular streaming site across the globe which is also regarded as one of the best-paid anime websites, so you will definitely get your money’s worth. You can select the subscription plan according to your preference. Netflix is the most popular site on this best anime websites list. I can confidently say it is the best English anime website without viruses, and it also incorporates sub-titles to various Japanese anime shows.

  • Ad-free. You can stream the anime videos in peace without the annoying pop-up advertisements.
  • High-resolution videos. Quality is of paramount importance, and Netflix knows this too well. It has high-quality original videos that will give you an awesome anime experience.
  • Offline downloads. Apart from online streaming, you can also download your favorite anime movie to watch it later offline.
  • Exceptional streaming apps. With outstanding apps to stream your videos, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues. Netflix is one of the best websites to watch anime on mobile phones.
  • Lack of classic anime. Netflix does not have the old-school classic anime that may appeal to the older generation, which is a significant drawback for some users.
  • Expensive. Many Netflix users doubt that the subscription plans are reasonable (and with so much free content available online today, I agree with them!).


Gogoanime is among the best free anime dubbed websites that is not only famous but has a welcoming interface. The black theme exudes a mysterious flair that grabs the users’ attention. The website offers an updated array of genres. For an amazing experience, try out this anime site.

  • High-quality videos
  • Downloadable content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free viewing
  • Annoying pop-up advertisements
  • Existence of too many doubtful, risky mirror sites of which Reddit users complain.

Another best anime website to watch anime is the It is well kept and user-friendly in terms of navigation. As an anime lover, I guarantee you maximum satisfaction. The categories are clearly labeled to give you an easy time.  It has a reputation of fewer pop-up advertisements which enhances its popularity among the fans. Also, it comes with a request form where customers can fill in case they don’t locate what they want. For an amazing experience, you need to try this site.

  • Free streaming
  • English subbed
  • Good speed
  • Friendly viewing
  • Secure platform
  • Pop-up advertisements

At times you may feel like watching a certain anime which is quite difficult to locate. Which site do you turn to? Sidereel will offer all the answers. It is one of the exceptional top anime websites which plays the role of a search engine. It assists you to rifle through and track your desired anime show easily.

  • An easy to use interface.
  • Free viewing
  • Extensive genre selection
  • Downloadable

Now GoGoAnime

Another best new anime website is Animenova. It allows free streaming of anime shows in English. It also has Korean dramas as well as daily updates of several ongoing series. Thus, you cannot miss out on any show. With high-resolution videos, watching anime will never be the same again. Also, the site offers dubbed versions to keep you entertained.

  • Free viewing
  • Downloadable
  • Offers diverse genres
  • Ease of use
  • Pop-ads

Among the best websites to watch anime on, Kuroani is a perfect choice. Apart from offering all the updated series, it is a safe site with few advertisements making it enjoyable to indulge in your favorite shows in peace. Kuroani’s extensive collection includes many rare, old-school anime movies.

  • Customer support feature, i.e. live chat
  • User-friendly site
  • English Subbed
  • Downloadable
  • Pop-up ads.


Ultimately, there are numerous platforms offering the best anime movie websites, but I have filtered the most exceptional sites. Anime is not only magical; it also triggers your imagination on a broader scope by captivating you through various anime storylines. Apart from having fun, you can learn from the lessons in these animated shows.

In all fairness, I would like to point out once more that I have listed the most popular sites with the best reviews online; besides, I focused only on my checked and proven favorites. Since there are other sites available, you can share your experience in the comments section, and I will include your sources into the list. I am here to update you on the best anime website to watch, one piece at a time because I value you as anime enthusiasts and strive to give you the best in the market.